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My Bielefeld

Bielefeld’s inspiration? Its people and places!Bielefeld is an open-minded city - encouraging and welcoming help to shape the city life.Often misjudg… Mehr

Autor: Baaske, Edwin

Verlag: Delius Klasing

Zustand: Mit Ecken und Kanten - ungelesenes Mängelexemplar

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Bielefeld’s inspiration? Its people and places!

Bielefeld is an open-minded city - encouraging and welcoming help to shape the city life.
Often misjudged, often surprising.

The large-format coffee-table book „My Bielefeld“ with 240 pages wishes to introduce the city and impressively depicts the diversity of a town that is widely unknown. Appealing photos that were taken exclusively for this book and texts that don’t retell but tell anew create an image that inspires to explore the unexplored.

People from Bielefeld. Prominent figures and average but inspiring citizens have their say and present their favourite places in Bielefeld. Theatres, day nurseries, restaurants, bars and outdoor pools, studios, classrooms, cinemas. A very private, personal tour of the city near Teutoburg Forest. You will come across parks, rivers, forest paths, fields, museums and concert halls. A guiding thread takes you through „My Bielefeld“. All places are numbered and are shown in an illustrated map, so you can easily find and visit them - in your mind or in real life.

What’s typical for Bielefeld? How is life here? What’s special? Diverse opinions give multifaceted insights into the city, its surroundings, the people, their point of view, and city places. In the end you get the picture of Bielefeld’s trademark: you can come as you are!

• the ultimate, very personal book on the city
• exclusive photos
• a book for Bielefeld’s citizens – or those who want to join in

Produktnummer 97836671186842
EAN 9783667118684
Verlag Delius Klasing
Autor Baaske, Edwin
Produktform Hardcover
Sprachen Englisch
Erscheinungsdatum 11.11.2019
Seiten 256
Maße Breite 237 mm x Höhe 33 mm
Gewicht 1.52 kg